Marine Electrical


Jeff Cote

Marine Electrical

What are the Biggest Electrical Draws on my Boat? - Jeff takes a look at the three basic marine electrical scenarios, on shore-power, at anchor, or motoring. How do the batteries charge and what appliances can you run. Discover how much battery capacity you have and how to monitor it on a regular basis. Jeff will look at some tips and tricks to saving energy such as LED lights and turning your inverter off when you aren't using it. He will also look at how adding solar can give you an extra 2 - 3 days out.


Jeff is a systems design engineer, avid boater, entrepreneur, the author of the monthly column "Tech Talk" in Pacific Yachting Magazine and a regular yacht club and Power Squadron presenter. His company, Pacific Yacht Systems Inc., provides boaters with easy to use, reliable solutions for marine electrical and electronics. Jeff’s presentations are designed for beginners, tech-savvy, and DIY experts alike. Satori II, Jeff's Catalina 36MkI sailboat, is moored on the Sunshine Coast. His favourite cruising grounds are Barkley Sound and the Broughton Archipelago.

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