Help! I Need A Tow!


Melissa Curtis

Help! I Need A Tow!

Help! I need a tow! - What to do when you break down at sea. What to do when the captain is incapacitated? Person over-board procedures. What to do if there is a fire onboard. Know how to call for help.


Melissa grew up on a dairy farm in the Niagara Region of Ontario, operating and maintaining machinery.  12 years ago she moved to Comox where she met her partner, Pasha, who shared her passion for being on the water.  They rebuilt a 1981 Surfer power boat with a plan to cruise to Queen Charlotte's. In 2018, there was an opportunity to join C-Tow so they added a tow post to the back deck, Melissa completed here Captain's ticket and she has been helping boaters along the east coast of Vancouver Island, from Port Hardy to Victoria, ever since.

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