Provisioning, Stowage and Much More

3:15 PM


Liza Copeland

Provisioning, Stowage and Much More

A major challenge of living afloat is provisioning, boat organization, storage and comfort, particularly when extended cruising. This session will focus on life below decks with a focus on provisioning and galley outfitting. It will also discuss safety features, chart-table organization, lighting, ventilation, berths and bedding, laundry, garbage disposal and many other resources that will enhance enjoyment of life aboard.


Liza is a lifelong sailor, both cruising and racing. After marrying Andy aboard the classic Yacht Ticonderoga they explored the world, including a 6-year circumnavigation with their three children. Bagheera has now taken them 124,000 n.m to 114 countries.Liza is the award winning, best selling author of 4 cruising narratives Just, Still and Comfortable Cruising. Cruising for Cowards, co-authored with Andy , is their current, practical and technical A-Z for cruisers whether coastal cruising or offshore. Liza writes for many yachting magazines, and presents at major boat shows and organizations in Canada, the U.S. and UK. When not travelling the world she loves life in Vancouver B.C.

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