Reality Escape Machine

11:15 AM


Cresswelll Walker

Reality Escape Machine

What you need in an offshore boat for sailing around the world safely and comfortably. Sailing to remote parts of the world, alone across thousands of miles of Open Ocean, means making different choices in buying and equipping a cruising yacht.


I am a life long sailor. I have sailed since the age of 10, beginning with racing dignies. Most recently I have completed a 10 year, 50,000 mile circumnavigation. A life time of sailing has built an expertise that is bone deep. I sail safely, conservatively and professionally and have fun doing it. My work as a Captain also draws on a lifetime of adventure and professional experience. I have had two professional careers: the first as an award winning Professional Urban Planner (MCIP), and the second, as an Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant. I am also an international public speaker and an author. I have a Masters Degree in Adult Education and Executive Coaching.

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