Boat Buying Tips for first time buyers!

4:00 PM


Colin Jackson

Boat Buying Tips for first time buyers!

Navigating the boat market for the first time can be intimidating.  Jargon, market knowledge and plenty of old salts who have been doing this a long time (perhaps out of touch with ‘newbies’) tend make things unclear.  If you have not done this before, be sure to educate yourself to the language and the rules of the game. Colin Jackson of Cooper Boating has offered a boat buying seminar for decades; helping people understand finding the right boat, inspecting it, financing it and understanding the basics of ongoing care.   The goal is to prepare you with knowledge. With an a collection of real world examples of ‘doing it right’ and ‘doing it wrong’,  you are sure to get a start on becoming an informed boat buyer who is comfortable with the key steps.  Make sure your experience is a dream and not a nightmare.


26 years coaching boat buyers through Cooper Boating; Past Vice President Training – Canadian Yachting Association; Past Director – BC Sailing Association (cruising); Thousands of miles inshore & offshore, power & sail, night & day; Three Victoria – Maui Races; Thousands of hours coaching boat operators including first time buyers of massive pleasure yachts – power & sail; Lead yacht construction & repair projects; Published author; Pacific Yachting magazine; Canadian Yachting magazine; Cruising Guide ‘local knowledge tips’

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