So you want to go offshore?

2:15 PM


Skip & Denise Rowland

So you want to go offshore?

Ours is not a nuts and bolts dry subject talk. With enthusiasm Denise & I present desire, attitude and future. So many today want to "chuck it all" to sail to the drop-dead beauty of the South Pacific. We speak about choosing the right crew without using electronic methods. Denise adds humor and caution about dealing with foreign officials. I speak of sour weather safety, becoming self sufficient when systems fail, the joys of night sailing on a sapphire sea with millions of twinkling stars and the pleasure of an onboard pet. We also raced with TALL SHIPS, were caught in a flooding river and had pirates on deck in the Malacca straits.


Sailing is a bloodline sport- Skip’s Grandpa raced his 130 ft schooner across the Atlantic in 1905. Skip crewed aboard the original "Ondine" and in the USMC won the military sailing championship. He’s taught sailing and owned five offshore yachts. Skip chaired a Van Isle 360 race committee, was a small market radio personality and has written two true adventure books as well as numerous magazine articles. Denise is an RN who went to sea and married the skipper. Speaking comes naturally for both. Their presentation is fresh, fun and inspiring.

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