Fishing with Swimbaits for Bottom Fish

6:45 PM


Bill VonBrendel

Fishing with Swimbaits for Bottom Fish

Learn how and where to fish with swimbaits for halibut, lingcod and rockfish


Bill von Brendel has been a respected and well-known guide on the West Coast for over three decades. His image has graced the cover of many sport-fishing magazines showing signs of his prize catch of Salmon, Halibut and Steelhead. His life-long dedication to the sport has brought his acquired knowledge of fishing to a level few fishermen attain. Bill is forever on the cutting edge of new techniques and tackle whether fishing saltwater or freshwater. His enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport has brought him recognition and representation with companies like Pure Fishing, Scotty Plastics, Lowrance and Islander Reels. He owns and operates, which offers a wide variety of sport fishing adventures from offshore saltwater, to fly fishing for salmon and steelhead.

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