Tricks for Modern Long Term Cruising

6:15 PM


Diane Selkirk & Evan Gatehouse

Tricks for Modern Long Term Cruising

The cruising circuit has changed a lot in the past 10 years, with more boats and more hazards than ever before. We’ll look at some of the modern risks; from ocean debris, to climate change, to global unrest, and international banking issues and share some of the strategies we found for thriving while cruising. By using our real-life experiences which included altering our route to avoid piracy, being threatened by an unusual hurricane and recovering after mid-ocean collision with debris we’ll talk about the skills, resources and, most importantly, the attitude needed to keep sailing in a changing world.


Diane Selkirk and Evan Gatehouse met 31 years ago at the Jib Set and have been sailing together ever since. They sailed to the east coast of the US on a Fortune 30 from 1995-2000 and circumnavigated on a Woods 40’ catamaran with their daughter and cat from 2009-2017. Evan is a Naval Architect who has worked for firms around the world and Diane is a writer whose work has appeared in a variety of international publications

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