Ocean Wise Seafood Program: Making Sustainable Seafood Easy

3:15 PM


Claire Li

Ocean Wise Seafood Program: Making Sustainable Seafood Easy

Overfishing is the number one issue our oceans are facing today. Bycatch, habitat damage, and lack of management also impact fisheries. Learn how the Ocean Wise seafood program addresses these issues, how sustainable seafood recommendations are made for both farmed and wild species, what kind of fishing techniques are behind the most popular seafood items that Canadians eat everyday, and their impacts on the environment.


Claire’s love of the oceans grew from being raised on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Her passion for sustainable fisheries and marine biology has led to her involvement in several different projects which focused on everything from lionfish in the Bahamas to sockeye salmon in Rivers Inlet, BC. After completing her Master’s degree in marine biology at Simon Fraser University, she joined Ocean Wise in 2013 in order to pursue her goal of ocean conservation via consumer education. Claire’s current role at Ocean Wise seafood program as the Western Account Representative is to manage retailer, hotel, and restaurant partnerships in BC and Alberta, and to advise and communicate seafood information.

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