Clean Diesel Fuels

6:45 PM


Tim Rivard

Clean Diesel Fuels

The presentation will cover the newer metrics in fuel cleanliness standards and how they pertain to modern common rail marine diesel engines.Newer engine designs require much stricter fuel cleanliness than older marine engines.  We will cover how cleanliness is measured based on ISO 4406 methods and what steps boaters can take to ensure that they are protecting their fuel from potential contamination typically found in the marine environment.


President of Fuel Right (Canada) Limited, Managing Member of Fuel Right Global, LLC, Member of Board of Directors – Fairville Products LLC.Engineering Diploma Mechanical Metallurgy, Bachelor of Arts – Finance and Economics, MBA – IVEY Business School. Extensive experience within the fuel industry working with major fuel companies to help them resolve fuel storage and quality issues related to microbial contamination and corrosion.  Working with clients ranging from large fuel wholesalers and retailers to develop premium fuel programs.  We also work with larger commercial marine fleet operators and ocean freighter industry.

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