Offshore Sailing

6:30 PM


Christof Marti

Offshore Sailing

Your dream: Cast of the bow lines and sail to the a distant, exotic and warm place. Explore new cruising grounds. You will likely start with the quest to find the ideal cruising boat for you. Once you have your boat, you are now looking at the task of getting your it ready for passage making. You will get much advise from everywhere, unfortunately this may often give you conflicting information leaving you more confused. You may ask yourself how to deal with a storm or an emergency while far from land. In this presentation I will highlight how you may go about finding the right boat and getting it ready based on my experience sailing offshore and different type boats and my own quest for the “perfect boat”. We will then explore what does it mean to be offshore, sailing a thousand miles from any land.


Christof sailed in all the local distant races including Van Isle 360 and cruised extensively off BC’s coast for the last 10 years. The culmination of his sailing experience to date is completing the Vic-Maui race in 2012 and return delivery. He since sailed two more times from Maui to Vancouver, introducing his crew to offshore sailing. He also sailed the Atlantic where due to technical issues a delivery ended in the Cape Verdes instead of the Caribbean. Christof operates Simply Sailing School passing along his passion for sailing. For 2018 he entered the boat Salient for the Vic-Maui race aboard.

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