Rigging Life

4:15 PM


Pip Osborne

Rigging Life

This seminar explores the life expectancy of various rigging materials and their fittings. All materials have an ultimate break load, a yield load and a fatigue limit. We sail with care to not overload our rigs but we often overlook the fatigue loads that our rigs experience over the years. How long a yacht can be sailed, or just moored, depends on many factors including: rig design, age, sailing profile (racing, cruising or blue water racing of cruising), sailing conditions (regular prevailing winds and sea state), climate, ocean salinity, mooring conditions, rigging materials and fittings and for most sailors the least important factor is mileage. Sailing yacht masts are rigged with various materials from stainless steel wire and solid rod to synthetic materials including Dyneema, PBO and carbon. We will explore the life expectancy of these materials based on the conditions they experience.


Pip has been a technician at Pro-Tech Yacht Services for 10 years. His skills are in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. He has inspected and re-rigged hundreds of yachts including Beneteau, Jenneau, C&C, Catalina, Swan and dozens of locally built brands. Previously he was a design engineer and technician in the ski industry, the bicycle industry and the windsurfing industry. Through windsurfing, Pip found a passion for keelboat racing. He has recently found sanity and does not go sailing when its cold and wet.

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