What it takes to participate in the Vic-Maui Race

1:15 PM


Christof Marti

What it takes to participate in the Vic-Maui Race

In 2012 Christof helped preparing a boat for the Vic Maui race. Six years later he entered his own boat and will participate in the 2018 Vic-Maui race. Preparations are well underway. Christof will talk about what it takes to prepare a boat to compete in the more than 2,300 NM long race from Victoria across the Pacific to Maui. From boat & crew selection, to rig inspection and choosing sails it takes a tremendous team effort to get a boat & crew ready to be competitive in the race. Preparation range from performance physiology to understanding all systems on board. What spare parts to carry is just as important as meal planning. Join Christof learn how he and the Salient Racing Team prepare for an offshore yacht race. Most lessons learnt are just as applicable to the cruiser as they are for the races.


Christof sailed in all the local distant races including Van Isle 360 and cruised extensively off BC’s coast for the last 10 years. The culmination of his sailing experience to date is completing the Vic-Maui race in 2012 and return delivery. He since sailed two more times from Maui to Vancouver, introducing his crew to offshore sailing. He also sailed the Atlantic where due to technical issues a delivery ended in the Cape Verdes instead of the Caribbean. Christof operates Simply Sailing School passing along his passion for sailing. For 2018 he entered the boat Salient for the Vic-Maui race aboard.

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