The Adventures of Autonomous Sailboats and the Vic-Maui Race

6:30 PM


Robotic Sailors & UBC Engineering Students Serena Ramley, Oscar Janzen & Madie Melcer

The Adventures of Autonomous Sailboats and the Vic-Maui Race

UBC Sailbot is creating an autonomous sailing vessel to complete the Vic-Maui Race all on its own. A feat of engineering by UBC students, the team previously set records launching a 5.5 metre autonomous sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean in 2016. With new challenges to overcome, the team has developed a new design to launch closer to home. Follow their story of what they learned both technically and as a team, and key features of their new vessel from naval architecture, software, electronics and control system perspectives.


UBC Sailbot has seen success in the robotic sailing world as they won the International Robotic Sailing Regatta for three consecutive years. Currently, their "sailbots" are considered among one of the best robotic sailboats in the world. They took on a multi-year project to develop an autonomous sailboat named "Ada" and launched it into the Atlantic in Summer 2016, which set records with the farthest and fastest autonomous sailboat voyage in the harsh North Atlantic. An interdisciplinary team of over 60 avid sailors and engineering students at the University of British Columbia, they are now working on their second-generation ocean-going sailboat to take on the Vic-Maui Race Route autonomously.

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