Offshore Personal Survival – Safety at Sea introduction

5:30 PM


David Sutcliffe

Offshore Personal Survival – Safety at Sea introduction

Sailors around the world take offshore personal survival training – also known as safety at sea training - to prepare themselves and their boats for offshore races and cruising. Locally, this Sail Canada accredited training is offered by BC Sailing and local yacht clubs. Classroom topics include safety equipment, storm sails, interpreting weather forecasts, heavy weather, man overboard, emergency signals. Practical sessions include inflating and using lifejackets, life rafts and other safety equipment in a pool environment.. Join us for an informative session, and decide whether to take the plunge!


David Sutcliffe is the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club’s Vic-Maui Event Chair and a lifelong sailor. He has prepared boats and grained crews for offshore and ocean race and passages, including many Southern Straits, Swiftsure, Van Isle 360 and Oregon Offshore races, six Vic-Maui’s, a Transpac and two Sydney Hobart’s. He has raced and cruised in the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific and beyond. David has a strong background in wireless communications, is a Sail Canada accredited Offshore Personal Survival – Safety at Sea senior instructor and a member of Sail Canada’s Offshore Group. Photo credit Dominique Labrosse.

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