Advances in Deck Gear

3:15 PM


Graeme Zacharias

Advances in Deck Gear

If you have difficulty raising sails, reefing, or just sheeting sails in this discussion is for you. Evaluate new gear and its placement on your boat. Join in the discussion of newer products and the benefits to the efficiency of functions that are necessary for sailing, with our Pro-Tech team. The acceptance of poor functioning systems is not necessary if one makes the correct choices of specific gear or a total replacement and re-organization to accomplish an efficient and complete sailing system. We will discuss and breakdown the thought process and selection for specific tasks that have boats working for you efficiently, from short sheeting headsails to how a reef is put in.


Graeme started racing lasers and 29ers with the North Shore Sailing team in 2006. He was the head coach at the West Vancouver Yacht Club for 3 years before joining the Pro-tech team in spring of 2015. Graeme continues to race locally on a Farr 30 and J/111 out of WVYC.

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