Building a Small Wood Strip Boat

11:00 AM


Rod Tait

Building a Small Wood Strip Boat

Rod Tait of Orca Canoes & Kayaks will be presenting a demonstration on how to build your own small strip planked boat. From a set of boat plans, he will demonstrate how to take the plans from paper to molds and set up the molds on a structure call a “strongback”. The boat takes shape as strips of cedar are planked over the forms. Various methods of planking will be covered as will a discussion on sanding and fiberglassing with epoxy for a beautiful, clear finish.


As owner of Orca Boats, Rod Tait has been designing and building custom wooden canoes and kayaks for over 20 years. From his small shop in Coquitlam, B.C., the company has grown to international status with commissioned boats proudly on display in the Vancouver International Airport, luxury homes across North America and beyond. Boat have been also featured in print ads, several televisions shows and in full length feature films. His water craft are prized by discerning owners, some of whom never let their boats touch water. Rod’s work can be seen on his web site at

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