Marine Plumbing Done Right

3:00 PM


Brock Kelsch

Marine Plumbing Done Right

Brock presented this popular topic last year at the DIY Garage, and having had a multitude of questions raised during and after his sessions he has more answers to impart to those seeking to fix that leak, improve that flow, or simply better understand how that “liquid” flows from A to B and preferably not via the bilge or engine tray!


After travelling extensively throughout his early twenties and working on various dive boats, Brock settled down on Vancouver Island and has built a career in the marine industry. After completing the Inboard/Outboard Pre-Apprenticeship program at Vancouver Island University and working as an apprentice in that trade, he joined the team at Stones Boatyard in winter 2014. He will be a certified Journeyman Marine Mechanical Technician in Spring 2018 after completion of his last year at BCIT. He also has certifications from the ABYC in electrical and systems, and is an NMEA Advanced Marine Electronics Installer.

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