Sail Care and the Maintenance of Sails

2:00 PM


Jason Fanjoy

Sail Care and the Maintenance of Sails

An informative presentation on sail care and maintenance of sails.  The presentation will start on sail care maintenance and how to make your sails last longer-cleaning, storage, folding, on the water tips and what to look out for.  Discussion on marine canvass options and how to clean canvass and sail material.  Samples of popular upgrades and hardware in the industry and discussion on pros/cons/price of different products.  People are welcome to ask questions so each talk is catered towards the group.  There will be samples of everything discussed which will be passed around the group, this is a hands on presentation - not a slide show.  There will be samples of sail cloth for dacron and performance cruise laminates. Also discussion on different cloth types, fibers, how they are produced and what to look for.


Jason operates a full service sail repair loft in Vancouver servicing customers in BC.  He is deeply entrenched in the local club keelboat racing programs throughout the lower mainland.  Evolution’s cruising sails mark the top of the industry standard in durability and performance.

Room 4

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