Boat Cleaning & Polishing 101

4:00 PM


Nick Webster

Boat Cleaning & Polishing 101

A presentation on how to clean, polish and maintain the surfaces of your own boat, what you can easily do and what you may want to leave to the professionals, and what to look for when hiring someone to do it for you. The content will include what to use on your boat, what not to use, what works for which type of stain, and simple techniques to make maintaining a clean and shiny boat easier.


Nick began his career associated with the sea and boats as a naval officer, then a director of the charter company Sunsail, where he managed and developed yacht charter and watersports facilities around the world. He also set-up a shipping operation to transport Sunsail yachts between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and then worked with a global yacht shipping company, Peters & May. At this time Nick used various specialist boat cleaning services to renovate boats stained during shipping and in 2005, he emigrated from southern England to B.C. to operate his own boat cleaning business, Pro Boat Clean. He joined two of his old Sunsail colleagues at Nanaimo’s Stones Boatyard in the summer of 2010.

Room 4

  Vancouver Boat Show