The Eight Basic Knots Every Boater Should Know

12:00 PM


Alan Boreham

The Eight Basic Knots Every Boater Should Know

Every boater needs to know how to tie knots. We use them to secure a boat to a dock, to secure things on deck, and to operate various kinds of rigging and equipment aboard a boat. The knots we use today are the result of centuries of experience, and they’re designed for particular purposes. Join Alan Boreham for this hands-on session to learn the eight basic knots, and their uses aboard a boat, as well as some of the nautical language and history behind them."


Alan Boreham is a sailor and world traveler. He has been around boats since he was a child, and has traveled aboard a wide range of vessels, including canoes and kayaks, sport fishing boats, sailing dinghies, day sailers, coastal sailing and power boats, and blue water cruising yachts. Alan worked for ten years as a sailing instructor, and later as director of sailing school operations, for Cooper Boating in Vancouver. He maintains a strong affinity for the sea, and now also works as a writer and travel columnist. Alan is the co-author of a memoir, Beer in the Bilges, Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific, and an adventure novel, Two if by Sea, participating with the BC Marine Authors group to do training and information seminars at the Vancouver International Boat Show.

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